Stop me, please


You enjoy the social element of smoking. You will find that you are tempted to smoke when those around you do – not just because it reminds you of cigarettes, but because of the subliminal bonding than many smokers feel when they have a cigarette together.

Try and avoid the pub in the first couple of weeks of giving up, and when you do go ask your friends not to offer you a cigarette.

If you miss the opportunity that cigarette breaks give you to chat with your colleagues, invite them to go for a walk at lunch.

First thing in the morning Clean your teeth and think of the taste of stale cigarettes

Work breaks Go for a quick walk outside if you can. Or sip slowly on a glass of water

Lunchtime Go somewhere or eat something different. Do some exercise

On the way to work Take a different route

After finishing a meal Go and clean your teeth, then do something – even if it’s the washing up!

Coffee Try a fruit tea or water

Alcohol Change your usual drink

Pub/party Avoid for the first couple of weeks if you can – watch videos, go to the cinema, go to a no-smoking restaurant

Reading Have a pen or pencil to hand to fiddle with and try chewing gum

In the car Have your car cleaned inside, empty out the ashtrays, and get an air freshener. It’ll put you off the idea of polluting it with cigarette smoke

On the train Go in the no-smoking carriage

Waiting for a bus/train Keep a book or newspaper on you and read it

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