Firebird 08/15


If you’re using/testing nightly builds of Firebird 0.61+/Linux, go and get this 08-15-trunk-i686-linux-gtk2+xft-build for several reasons:

  • Annoying errors fixed (surprisingly shutdowns when e.g. clicking submit buttons)
  • Flash Plugin problems fixed
  • great trunk title from the release date: this is 08/15-Firebird!

In Germany ‘08/15’ stands for something really simple, normal and boring or repeatly done. This may come from the famous german worldwar-novel-triology “08/15” by Hans Hellmut Kirst (1914-1989), or not, but it’s widely used anyway. Besides that: my self-hacked MovableType-Version used here, indentifies itself as “MT Version 2.620815” ;-)