Thank God…

… it’s friday! Again.

OK, another week turns to its end. Two days without my dear comrades in school, whom make me sick in the moment, … and here it’s election day again on sunday. They call it »Landtagswahl« and I call it desaster, cause we’ve lost the alternatives: I stood for the socialdemocrats all my life, but don’t ask me now, I can’t say what to elect, cause they did a bad job so far and I will never (never!) choose those fucking conservatives! Maybe there’s a party for the »deillusionised web addicted unemployed«? They could count on my vote but I guess there isn’t one (and if so, withou a chance). Bad thing.

Something to think for you until I get back in the afternoon: if there are these weapons of massdestruction in the Iraq, and if the US go there, make war, kill Saddam and place a new (democratic?) government in Bagdad, would they take these weapons from them? We’ll see.

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