Adnan Osmani is sixteen years old, won a top prize at this year’s Esat BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition and is now hitting the channels of well known techblogs. Why? Seems that he developed a »web browser« – no more like this – that can download information from the internet as five times faster than everything else. And it seems that he did the programming down from the scratch. Again: a 16 year old! This can be the next big success story of internet development and maybe we can all participate with it:

I asked him if he wanted to be famous, and when he said yes I suggested he donate his technology to an Open Source browser project such as Mozilla. If he does this we’ll eventually see what he’s done.

via: Industrial Technology & Witchcraft, with more links, so visit it.

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Nico Brünjes ist Digitalkreativer und Internethandwerker. Seit mehr als 15 Jahren erdenkt, baut und programmiert er moderne, standardkonforme und zugängliche Webseiten in HTML, CSS und Javascript.