Update: TXP 1.16

Und da ist sie schon, die neue Textpatternversion (geht im Moment wirklich fix), hier downzuloaden. Was hat sich geändert?

  • Add article_custom tag, which allows tailoring article output by article, section, author etc
  • Added ‘include in site search’ option for individual sections
  • Added name and email validation for comments
  • Added navigation to banned commenter list from main comments tag
  • Added option to change the number of days after which logs will be expired
  • Added option to create Excerpts for articles (defined in admin_config.php)
  • Added option to override forms on an article-by-article basis
  • Fix several problems caused by apostrophes in category names
  • Fixed a confusing interface failure when trying to create a section that already exists
  • Fixed a problem where article title text in “quotes” was disapearing
  • Fixed an installer problem where the first publisher’s email address wasn’t being inserted into the database
  • Fixed erroneous ‘article categories’ header in link list
  • Fixed incorrect display of links that have blank categories in link tab
  • Fixed incorrect handling of ampersands in category_list
  • Fixed incorrect site and article links in Atom feeds for sites in subdirectories
  • Fixed problem in password_protect that was throwing errors
  • Fixed some naming confusion that prevented changing link and image category names
  • Got rid of automatic -ing of strings of caps in Textile
  • Link titles and descriptions are now run through Textile to encode any high-ascii characters
  • Rewrote the mechanism for paging through content – you can now accurately page through articles, comments, logs, links and images
  • Titles appending to permalink urls in /clean/ mode are now correctly stripped of html tags and entities

The plugin installer is working, watch this space for news on the first plugin.

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