le tour


Pour toutes les francophile saison est ouvertes: c’est tour de france, le quatre-vingt-dixieme fois. Thanks to Jeffrey A. Cross’ weblog you will find loads of links to competing bikers (e.g. Lance Armstrong, Stuart O’Grady or George Hincapie …), just visit his sidebar and along the way, read his series about Tour de France Trivia, it’s gooood.

You need news from the tour? Maybe someone can find a RSS-Feed, me not, but there are several sites to visit to catch up news yourself (or maybe get a newsletter): Cyclingnews, Cycling4All, DailyPeleton, PezCyclingNews and VeloNews.

Bytheway, whatever you do, don’t visit http://www.tourdefrance.com, it’s reported that nothings there except a dialer waiting to infect your system…