Some Linux News (after too much talk about M$)

From slashdot.gif we’re send to an article in India Times where we learn that there is an IBM NetVista A30 Linux Desktop sold in some Indian cities, priced at about $850. Seems that there are other markets to enter besides our windows contaminated western world. Here in Germany the hardware discounter Vobis is actually selling a linux box bundeled with SuSE 8.1 on a AMD Duron 1300 256 MB RAM for EUR 399,–.

Renewing its push to plant Linux on corporate desktops, Ximian Inc. has rolled out a new version of its environment designed to help administrators better integrate and manage Linux in mixed environments. Have a look at the new Ximian Desktop here.

If you’re considering about using linux, may be the place to visit, there is a nice article about the pros and cons of using linux.

Meanwhile apache2.gif Version 2.0.46 was relased for fixing some security issues. And for those who mix linux and windows (like me) here is an essential tutorial: Using Samba to share printers.


OK, das mit den Butons ist nicht ernst gemeint 😉

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