Bechtel Group


The Bechtel Group awarded the first big Iraq Reconstruction Contract on thursday. Certainly there are several reasons that they’ve been chosen to rebuild infrastructure in Iraq. Bechtel has been involved in some of the world’s largest and most ambitious construction projects. The Hoover Dam, the first oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia, the Alaskan oil pipeline, and our first nuclear power plants; all constructed by the private corporation under contracts that have been secured through brilliant manipulation of personal connections. The group was involved in the building of 45 nuclear power-plants in 22 states. Recent Bechtel projects include decommissioning the Connecticut Yankee nuclear power plant, managing ExxonMobil’s Singapore Chemical Complex, building an oil pipeline in Mexico, the Meizhou Wan power plant in China, the Collahuasi copper project in Chile, Space Launch Complex in California, the Reliance oil refinery in India, the Ragian nickel and copper complex in Canada and the Boyne Island aluminum smelter in Australia. (Read more information regarding Bechtels involvement in nuclear and defensive building here).

The political relations of the Bechtel Group are known as »really good«. Relationsships between Bechtel chairmen and C.I.A. were discussed over years (and is obvious since 1953). Several well-known politicians (e.g. Caspar Weinberger) came from the Bechtel board, especially president Reagan had the whitehouse full with former Bechtel presidents and boardmembers. Certainly also father and son Bush have excellent contacts to the Bechtels and former Bechtel members work now for G.W. Bush. A DPB member, retired Marine Corps Gen. Jack Sheehan, is a senior vice president of Bechtel Group. Vice versa the former Secretary of State and chairman of the advisory board of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq George Shultz is now a board member at Bechtel. Certainly Bechtel is one of the 66 corporations that have contributed at least $50,000 to both Bush and Gore. Read more interesting facts here

Bechtel seems to know the situations in the Iraqi-Area, i.e. they also took part in the reconstruction of Kuweit after the last Gulf War. And in fact, Bechtel is involved world-wide, they act like the United Fruit Company in former times, and for instance: Bechtel is asserting the right, granted through the IMF and World Bank, to take private control over municipal public water supplies in Bolivia, most controversially in Cochabamba, said Mark Dunlea, chair of the Green Party of New York State. Will Bechtel use its current connections and postwar influence to take over Iraqi resources?

We have all known thisw before, haven’t we? The Iraqi war goals were nor the weapons of mass destruction neither the liberation of the Iraq. The Bush administration don’t take effort to hide the facts, it was a war to start another era of american colonisation. A teamwork of the administration, the army and now the american industry to change the world.

A not so funny bonmot at the end: Maybe the army didn’t destroyed Bagdad enough, this could be a reason for the riots there, which maybe were initiated by the army.