The Day After

Remember this 80’s atomic-catostrophy tv drama called The Day After? In this picture everything was destroyed by a nuclear war and the film showed how the people lived after that.

Rebuilding my web page goes somewhat similar to this. But what happened?

Just a complete loss of the database. And who is guilty for this datacide? Solely myself I have to say, in a temporary confusion I messed up the names of the MySQL-Databases while changing from one server-disk to another. Wrong fault at the wrong time, plop: everything was gone. Well, ok., the static files are still present, but it will take long to rebuild the database from them, especially I’m working on another webproject at this time… and don’t have more than the 24/7-rate to cover…

Maybe the loss of my MT-templates, that grew about a year and had so many different things implemented… I never made a backup of them, you know as in: Backups are for cowards…, is more harder than I can take.

Maybe it will take a few weeks, but I’m too addictted to my blog thing for giving in this time. See you later with another report from the fallout center.

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