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So you’ve all seen Airplane, the Naked Gun movies, and both Hot Shots. Well before all those great comedic films the Zucker brothers made a film classic in 1977 perfectly titled the Kentucky Fried Movie. Instead of one main story line, the movie is a collection of clever skits, each with its own unforgettable moments. It’s amazing how such fine actors as Bill Bixby , Donald Sutherland, and George Lazenby ended up in this kind of movie. The centerpiece of the film is A Fistful of Yen, a spoof of Enter the Dragon. The characters throughout the Kentucky Fried Movie are as insane as the Zuckers themselves. Enormous genitals, Mr. Loo, Cleopatra Schwartz, the gay TV host, and of course Big Jim Slade are just a few of the outrageous characters.

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