The Weblog Handbook

Rebecca Blood: The Weblog Handbook Detailseite: The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog

A guide to creating your own Weblog-an online journal, showing how to start a Weblog for those who were not sure how to post, where to find links, or even where to go to register. A concise guide to everything one needs to know about the phenomenon that is exploding on the Web. The reader is guided through the whole process of starting and maintaining a Weblog and the author answers any questions that might pop up along the way, such as the elements of good Weblog design and how to find free hosting.

Oh, sehe gerade: SWR war wieder schneller…

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Nico Brünjes ist Digitalkreativer und Internethandwerker. Seit mehr als 15 Jahren erdenkt, baut und programmiert er moderne, standardkonforme und zugängliche Webseiten in HTML, CSS und Javascript.