At least they got it

Reading this post in the MozillaZine Forums makes me feel that Firebirdfoxdevelopers now at least got the clue. Ben writes:

I am here to take this browser to the mass market, to steal as much market share from IE as possible, not to satisfy a relatively small number of people on forums. The project can only do that by being better than IE in every way. IE’s installation an setup experience is top notch because it has the benefit of distribution on new PCs so people just get it when they get a new computer. To compete with that we need to be very, very clever. To compete with IE we need to make one of our competitive advantages not screw people over every time they upgrade.

Via “Pinder” of Blogzilla, who’s asking another good question about the wanted easy migration from other browser to Firefox 1.0:

I wonder if they’ll go after Safari as well?

Hope so.

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