Karmavoting again (Instant Karma 0.1)


So we’ve played around with this funny skript called Multi Mini Poll, and built a version from it, to cast karmavotes like in good old Greymatter. And now I’m some kind proud to announce that I’ve managed to alter the script so far that I can say I’ve written something. Don’t mind too much if it is good or useful, it’s my first script. Ok, it is based on the software mentioned above but again: it’s my first script.

If you can need it (it fits nice into Movable Type, as you can see on this blog) you should download it, it’s not that big:

Download Instant Karma Version 0.1 (3kB, zip)

But listen: there are some limitations, for instance I’m nearly sure that (if you do not disallow it in your robots.txt) some searchengine bots will vote too. And it has some cookie based limitations. So there will be further improvements… stay tuned. And: if you’ve used the last version of the karma pollscript, this one is incompatible, you’re collected votes will be lost. But on the other hand, now you can use both on your site, »Instant Karma« and the »Multi Mini Poll«.

It’s version 0.1 and if you find some errors, let me know. But please don’t mind if you think it’s poorly coded, it’s my first one (did I mentioned that before?). ;-)