The security aware mozilla-based browser Beonex Communicator is reaching version 0.8.2 (download page). And USA Today has an interesting article about former times: Netscape 10 years ago. Read and smile, maybe with a little tear in the eye…

One day, Clark says, he and Andreessen were in Clark’s living room, struggling over ideas. Andreessen said he wanted to work with his NCSA buddies but was afraid they’d get recruited somewhere else. »Right there, in that moment, we said, ‘Let’s reproduce Mosaic,’ « Clark says. »We hopped on a plane and flew to Illinois in the middle of a thunderstorm. We met the (rest of the NCSA gang) at a hotel and recruited them in 24 hours, and suddenly we had a company.« To celebrate, »We all went to the hotel bar,« Totic says. »I remember there was a lot of Jägermeister

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