Box Model Hack


Call my stupid, but I never understood the socalled ‘Box-Model-Hack’ which can help to understand your widths in computed in your CSS. Ok, it was always commented but something in this commentary wasn:t understandable to me (you know, english is not my mothertalk), so I avoided to use it. Sure this led always to problems with my layouts, IE and CSS.

This morning I was enlighted. Jonathon Delacour has redesigned his site recently and dropped this nice link about the simplified box model hack, behind I found a nice and clear explanation of what is happeing. The text is about a year old but it helped. Thanks for that.

OK, if I had revisited the box-model-hack-thing lately, after learning some programming languages, I would now have understand what ‘escaping’ means, but a year ago I didn’t. Ping.