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Bookmark keywords

This is fun. When you set a bookmark, you can assign a keyword to it, a la Real Names, and type that keyword into your navigation bar instead of the whole URL. What’s more, you can set user inputs for your keywords. If you search Google all the time like I do, you can set a Google keyword and add your search terms to it for faster searching. Here’s how: Perform a search in the usual way on Google. File the bookmark. Open the bookmark in the bookmark manager and click on »properties.« Give it the keyword »Google«. In the URL, delete the search term you used and substitute »%s,« to indicate »this is where a user input will happen.« Save it. Now, when you want to do a quick search on say, takamine acoustics, type »Google takamine acoustic« in the navigation bar and your search comes up automatically. Use any terms you like, and be creative.

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