Aktuelles Informationsdesign


Elyssa von Infotangle liefert eine hervorragende Zusammenfassung des modernen Informationsdesigns: »Information Design for the New Web«. Man bringe ein wenig Zeit zur Lektüre mit.

Principles of Information Design for the New Web

  • Keep it Simple - Include only necessary functionality and provide a clean efficient design.
  • Make it Social - Meet users expectations by enabling connections through social tools.
  • Offer Alternate Navigation – Reflect the Zeitgeist of the website community and embrace alternate pathways to information including utilizing visual tools.

New Web Philosophies

  • Evolve – Today’s Website creators aren’t afraid to try new things. There is no right answer and everything doesn’t need to be figured out at the outset.
  • Be Nimble – Respond to advances in technology and changes in market needs. Be willing to abandon bad ideas
  • Be Open – Issue and API and design badges and widgets for your users – or they will design them for you.