Another Orkut-Google-Theory

Some people say, that Google initiated Orkut to build up profiles for tageted advertising. Or to become the real big brother of the 21st century. Jeremy Zawodny has a better theory:

Those that do seem to speculate about “applying your social network to search” and other exotic stuff, but I’m thinking of something far more basic than that: users.

That’s right, users.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Google has millions of users!” Of course they do. How much do they really know about those users? Do they really have a user database from which they can mine interesting data? If they have one, it must pale in comparison to what Yahoo, AOL, and MSN have.



Das ist Bodos Homepage. Echt selbstgemacht, mit einem tollen Foto von Bodo. Naja. Und Bodo, der ist Künstler. Eine Galerie hat er. Muss aber ja auch, bei der Adresse. Artwork? Einfach. Aber witzig.

People Link

PLINK – People Link, is a “search engine” indexing FOAF-Files. So you can search for people at last. Let’s make a test, as usual with my name: Nico, but with the fact in mind, that my FOAF-file is unfinished and not on the server in the moment. So what do we learn: if you wanna see Nico Lumma, it’s ok. And something more: Moe [hum, that’s completely nonsense, namely] Gordon known from has linked me in his FOAF-file, but got my surname wrong. Pffft. 😉

Said it before and again: it’s time for a FOAF-file now.

War ja klar

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