This sounds err reads to me very interesting:

When I told Mena about this last night, she said “where’s the code?”. Fair enough. Here’s a script that allows you to hook MT up to Jabber. You’ll need your own Jabber server, since that’s the model that made sense to me, one agent per MT install, with one pseudo-user per blog.

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Wie Nico berichtet, kann man Technorati jetzt direkt anpingen und zwar unter http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping.

Für Movable Typer: Obige Ping-URL unter Weblog Config – Preferences – Publicity / Remote Interfaces / TrackBack unter blog.gs und weblogs.com ins Textfeld kopieren und das abspeichern nicht vergessen 😉 Danach wird beim nächsten Posting Technorati mitgepingt (sofern man überhaupt pingt, was aber alle tun sollten 🙂

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Zempt 0.3

In dieser Rubrik habe ich aber auch schon ewig nichts mehr geposted. Darum mal eben aus der Mail:

Adam Kalsey and I have released Zempt 0.3.Zempt is an open source Movable Type posting client available forWindows.
Much of the code has been completely rewritten and now contains thefollowing features:
– Offline operation.
– Spell check
– Post editing
– Winamp and Windows Media Player plugins
– Easy account management
– Default post options
– Customizable editor interface
– Proxy server support
– Automatic, liberal search for xml rpc address. (In most cases youcan simply enter your blog url)

Ok. Habe ich hiermit getan. Und wenn man diesen Eintrag lesen kann, dann funktionierts wohl auch.

MT-Do Test, MT 2.64

At first some test…

 4th Dan Black Belt

Your real career as a scholar of MT-Do, and an effective teacher to both experienced and novices have begun. MT-Do is now more a way of life, than a practice.

Take the MT-Do test

Via: Just a lascivious geek.

Second: there is an upgrade waiting: Movable Type 2.64 released:

This is a maintenance release, fixing various CSS, XML-RPC, UI, and Creative Commons errors. This release also plugs a number of cross-site-scripting (script injection) holes for search queries, comments, TrackBacks, and notifications, and is recommended for anyone using any of these features. We have also improved the options for available RSS templates–in addition to the RSS 1.0 template that we have always provided, the default templates now include an RSS 2.0 template instead of a 0.91 template. Also in the default templates, this release fixes the rendering of the default stylesheet (»Clean«) on Windows Internet Explorer. The full changelog lists the changes and fixes in 2.64.

Download here. Via Haiko Hebig.