… I did it again

Ok, new design is up at last. Much cleaner style, more technical. Maybe you can see that I am turning from school to buiseness again… I hope you like it like I do. There are a few tweaks to come, but I got a nice film to watch now, maybe tomorrow…

Watn Schrott

Advised by Haiko Hebig (wrong)… I installed Newsmonster and for the first time ever I have to speak out a warning to do this!

I like the idea of the software, it could have been (mind the tense!) a step further to my dream of a blogging tool, but for me it’s totally crap! It is installed like a plugin or extension for Mozilla as an XPI-Installation, which is nice for beginners, but certainly cannot be undone. If it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t, your browser is lost. Notice: I have all the needed software installed (Java, Java Web Start) but the shit won’t work. It gives always a bad Java-Error-Message and hangs up the browser. And I can’t find a hint anywhere on the page how to handle it. Also it disabled the mozilla download manager, without a question, and it can’t be switched on again. (fixed with new beta 1.02)!!! And it stole my homepage, instead of starting here on couchblog, I always start on the newsmonster homepage now, again, without any question. As I mentioned, it can’t be uninstalled. It can be disabled the webpage says, but this doesn’t work. When you open a new browser-instance, Newsmonster is there again, disabled or not.

OK. They say it is beta. I say it is pre-alpha. Sorry, I am really really angry. And I read all those articles about this great software… not for me. Be adviced: wait for the final release. Or for version 3.0 someday. Or better: use another aggregator. I’ll do.

Once again updated: Most of the errors are fixed. Please read this update article.

Yiiiiek! MT 2.62

Ben and Mena maybe have read my last entry and for a good joke, here is MT 2.62, which fixes a vunerability, so if you haven’t, go and update again. OK family Trott you’ve won this time…

Update: Ben asked not to supply more information about the case, so I deleted some informations. I flamed about posting such a discussion in an open forum isn’t very nice, maybe blogging about it is the same. Just go and update plz.

MT 2.61

HAHA! This time I was right! My lazyness prevented me from updating to MT 2.6 this weekend and there it is: Movable Type 2.61. There were some bugs in it I guess. Am I right when I remember the same thing happening with version 2.5 / 2.51? OK, now I can make the update. If the site is gone within the next 20 minutes, I did something wrong…

Later: Still there! Seems to work.

Moz 1.3beta bugs

I discovered some (minor) anoying bugs in the latest Mozilla version (1.3beta), does someone also detected this and has some hints? I can’t find anything over at Bugzilla

  • The ‘Accept Cookie? Windows’ sometimes (not always) open in the wrong size, it is cut off on the right, sometimes the ‘no’-button isn’t reachable…
  • On sites with extensive use of javascript a message ‘The document contains no data’ pops up (e.g. at ebay.de) but the document is displayed normal (so it contains data surely)…

Seen on Windows XP / Mozilla 1.3beta / Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.3b) Gecko/20030210


Commenting in a blog using only CAPSLOCKED CHARACTERS always seems to me like someone is shouting at me. This comment to an older story seems more like crying (hysterically) than shouting. Isn’t it?