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Advised by Haiko Hebig (wrong)… I installed Newsmonster and for the first time ever I have to speak out a warning to do this!

I like the idea of the software, it could have been (mind the tense!) a step further to my dream of a blogging tool, but for me it’s totally crap! It is installed like a plugin or extension for Mozilla as an XPI-Installation, which is nice for beginners, but certainly cannot be undone. If it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t, your browser is lost. Notice: I have all the needed software installed (Java, Java Web Start) but the shit won’t work. It gives always a bad Java-Error-Message and hangs up the browser. And I can’t find a hint anywhere on the page how to handle it. Also it disabled the mozilla download manager, without a question, and it can’t be switched on again. (fixed with new beta 1.02)!!! And it stole my homepage, instead of starting here on couchblog, I always start on the newsmonster homepage now, again, without any question. As I mentioned, it can’t be uninstalled. It can be disabled the webpage says, but this doesn’t work. When you open a new browser-instance, Newsmonster is there again, disabled or not.

OK. They say it is beta. I say it is pre-alpha. Sorry, I am really really angry. And I read all those articles about this great software… not for me. Be adviced: wait for the final release. Or for version 3.0 someday. Or better: use another aggregator. I’ll do.

Once again updated: Most of the errors are fixed. Please read this update article.

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