Change of mind(s)

Scott Rosenberg:

Dear reader, what this means is that the majority of the American people agree with the »perfidious« French and Germans and disagree with their own administration.

Indeed this seems to be a good development. But, what will be the consequences? As Bush administration members made clear (in criticism of german chancellor Schröder) the question if go to war or not, is not a case of popular vote, the government has to decide this. This sounds like a joke, cause we always thought the american system of electing presidents is more populistic than ours. Another example: 80 percent of the brits are against the war, but they will follow the US as their leaders already has decided (very unpopulistic indeed). So what will be the reaction? Without the american people behind him, maybe the real intentions of the Bush administration will show up… Does he think, he knows it better than the american people, like he thinks he knows it better that the German, French et cetera?

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