Thank god it's friday: MT 2.6 released

OK, Movable Type 2.6 is there, featuring:

  • Text Formatting options.
  • Support for Creative Commons Licenses.
  • Adding a new category directly from the New/Edit entry screen.
  • Sanitize, for cleaning up visitor-submitted data (thanks to Brad Choate).
  • An <MTLink> tag.
  • Enhanced options for comments: Closed, Open and None.
  • Support for the metaWeblog.newMediaObject XML-RPC method.
  • Support for RSD.
  • PostgreSQL and SQLite database drivers.
  • Improved usability of the comments form in the default templates (thanks to Jeremy Hedley).

So we have a site redesign *) and party weekend. Yohooo.

*) Later: Had to change plans, I’m too tired, so no coding this weekend.

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