Warum ich hier im Moment nicht vorankomme

  • mein Rechner zu Hause stürzt dauernd ab (ist wohl doch ein Hardwareproblem)
  • in der Schule kriegen die es einfach nicht hin einen fli4-Router vernünftig zu konfigurieren
  • es passieren dauernd Dinge, die mich von der Arbeit abhalten
  • und Weihnachtsgeschenke habe ich auch noch keine gekauft !!!

Outlook Killer

Mitch Kapor isn’t trying to take on Microsoft. His ambitions are bigger: He wants to spark a software revolution. Tired of sloppy code and clunky interfaces, the 52-year-old cocreator of Lotus 1-2-3, the original killer app, put $5 million of his own considerable fortune into an open source personal information manager codenamed Chandler. Along the way, he may end up putting the Redmond coders to shame. By enlisting pro-bono programming talent from around the world, Kapor is building an elegant, modular software core that gives users more options and fewer headaches. Chandler’s promised auto-updating address books and peer-to-peer information sharing have earned it the nickname “Outlook killer.”


via: Scripting News

Lazy Web revisited

I mentioned Ben Hammersleys lazy-web-idea before and asked, what would come of this now. What came out can be found over at Six Log: Ben Trott made a perl script out of this. Besides that it works pretty and seems to be a cool tool as expected, the funny is that in the sample Ben (Trott) presents you can read some wellknown lines from a wellknown german weblog 😉

Update: And some hours later: here is the plugin for doing this in MT.