(X)HTML Attributes used!

When Mark Pilgrim speaks, err! writes, the blogworld is listening. This time he’s playing with the <cite>-attribute, making automatic references from it (when it is used right). And for a bonus he’s showing how <ins> is working. Apart from Marks scriptings this again is a good example for using the right markup and the full power of every tag.

Let’s try pushing the envelope of what HTML is actually designed to do, before we get all hot and bothered trying to replace it, mmmkay?

For all readers who are not feeling pleased or familiar with reading W3C Recommendations (here: Phrase elements) I used the full markup power in this post, so you can see it in the sourcecode or just read on for full explanation…

Update: Phil shows how to hack the mt code to make it use the right bookmarklet code. Worthy.

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