Investing in the war?

The Perpetual War Portfolio

The Perpetual War Portfolio is an evenly weighted basket of five stocks poised to succeed in the age of perpetual war. The stocks were selected on the basis of popular product lines, strong political connections and lobbying efforts, and paid-for access to key Congressional decision makers.

via: Jason Kottke

(X)HTML Attributes used!

When Mark Pilgrim speaks, err! writes, the blogworld is listening. This time he’s playing with the <cite>-attribute, making automatic references from it (when it is used right). And for a bonus he’s showing how <ins> is working. Apart from Marks scriptings this again is a good example for using the right markup and the full power of every tag.

Let’s try pushing the envelope of what HTML is actually designed to do, before we get all hot and bothered trying to replace it, mmmkay?

For all readers who are not feeling pleased or familiar with reading W3C Recommendations (here: Phrase elements) I used the full markup power in this post, so you can see it in the sourcecode or just read on for full explanation…

Update: Phil shows how to hack the mt code to make it use the right bookmarklet code. Worthy.

So this is christmas…

Bethlehem is in subdued mood as Christians celebrate Christmas in the traditional birthplace of Jesus. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has used a Christmas message to attack Washington and call on Iraqis to rally against US “aggression”. A prisoner has been killed and an unknown number of inmates and police injured in a riot at a prison in Guatemala. The Shin Bet security service and Israel Defense Forces troops detained last week two Hamas operatives from Rafah who planned to kidnap an IDF soldier. The United Nations is engaging in an urgent behind-the-scenes effort to prepare for the possibility of a major humanitarian crisis in Iraq in case weapons inspections fail and the country comes under military attack. Lansing police are releasing the identity of a 40-year-old man shot and killed by an off-duty officer inside a crowded store. Russian news agencies are reporting that security officials have arrested two men who were allegedly armed with explosives. Pope John Paul, leading the world’s Roman Catholics into Christmas, urged humanity on Wednesday to remember that Jesus’ message remained one of hope in times of war, suffering and oppression.

Extended Smarty Pants

Wilfried Wurch sagt: Smartypants wandelt einfache Anführungszeichen ("Quotation marks") in Zitatzeichen (“ & ”) um. Das wusste ich schon. In Deutschland benutzt man jedoch eigentlich » & «, sagt Wilfried und hat das Skript umgeschrieben. Das stimmt. Ich hab’s ihm gleich getan, sozusagen “abgekupfert” (auch ein Begriff aus der Schriftsetzerei, oder?!).

BTW: just listening und abgehing: Hardfloor – Dadamphrekanoid.

Scott beamed me up

I mentioned it before, Papa Scott helped me out by programming a little perlscript to reimport my lost entries, or better to make an MT-importfile out of the static backuped pages. And guess what: it worked like a charm. So I now have imported the lost content of november and most of october (there are some articles left but I’m too lazy now).

What did I learn from all this mess:

  • never lose your database – make backups it’s pretty easy!
  • if you ask for help – help is given – so go and help others if you can
  • writing programs is not that hard – do more for that – school will never give you that view on programs that other people’s practice will do
  • sit down and learn those f***ing regular expressions, they’re needed everywhere

Scott, I really really thank you!