How many 'body bags'?

Other Voices: We must consider all consequences of war with Iraq:

Our problem is with Saddam Hussein and his government, not with the people of Iraq.

A war with Iraq will not be the quick and easy victory we saw during the Gulf War. We will be fighting in the streets of Iraq, not in the open desert. We will have to take each city and town street by street until Saddam Hussein and his government surrender.

How many Iraqi civilians will die during the fighting? How many U.S. soldiers will come home in body bags? Will a new wave of discrimination and prejudice be spawned toward individuals of Arab descent?

Is the economy of the country going to continue to slow or will we see a full-scale recession?

Zumindest setzt sich mal ein Amerikaner mit den möglichen negativen Folgen eines Krieges auseinander, … immerhin.

In Großbritanien übrigens stehen zum Glück auch nicht alle hinter ihrem ‘Primeminister’ Blair: Robert Fisk: What the US President wants us to forget:

In all of Bush’s 30 minutes of anti-Iraq war talk yesterday – pleasantly leavened with just two minutes of how “I hope this will not require military action” – there wasn’t a single reference to the fact that Iraq may hold oil reserves larger than those of Saudi Arabia, that American oil companies stand to gain billions of dollars in the event of a US invasion, that, once out of power, Bush and his friends could become multi-billionaires on the spoils of this war. We must ignore all this before we go to war. We must forget.

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